Recyclage Miller: We Pay Cash for Your Scrap in Montréal

Recyclage Miller is a Montréal-based company that purchases, processes and sells various forms and types of ferrous
and non-ferrous scrap metal.

With more than 20 years of experience, Recyclage Miller is known for its exceptional customer care and its excellent quality standards. Recyclage Miller is committed to the complete satisfaction of its customer's needs.

Recyclage Miller offers fair price quotes that correspond to current metal market prices.
Aluminum Punchouts


Recyclage Miller specializes in the segregation and packaging of various aluminum types, including mixed and segregated aluminum and aluminum extrusion and siding.
Brass Curls


Recyclage Miller also specializes in the proper separation of many types of brass, including yellow, red and hard brass, C-metal, and radiators.
Copper Cable Scrap


Recyclage Miller buys and processes all grades of copper, including No.1 Bare Bright, No.1 Candy, and No.2 Birch Cliff.
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